Grantee name: The Potlatch Fund

Mission: The Potlatch Fund is a grantmaking foundation and leadership development organization serving Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Western Montana.

Potlatch's mission is to inspire the Native tradition of giving in Northwest Indian Country to promote economic development, natural resource protection, education, cultural preservation, civic participation, and the overall health of Native people and their communities.

Tribal leaders founded Potlatch in December 2002 to inspire and build upon the Native American tradition of giving in Northwest Indian Country. Potlatch provides culturally appropriate leadership development training and technical assistance to build the capacity of grantmakers, tribes, Native American groups, and other Native American grantseekers.

Location: Seattle, WA, USA


YouTube Channel:

Channel Grants: Supported Potlatch Fund's development, growth and public education efforts as well as outreach projects to tribal communities to help assess and communicate their cultural perspectives, issues and needs. (2004, 2005)

Note: 2004 funding granted through a fiscal sponsor, the Applied Research Center (ARC) of Oakland, CA. From ARC's perspective, pressing political conflicts demand a serious treatment of racial equity that addresses both a history of injustice and contemporary problems. ARC sees racism, and demands concrete change from our most powerful public institutions to build a fair and equal society. ARC leads with an innovative analysis that challenges the structures that quietly perpetuate racism.


Photos of Native American dancers and canoe journeys are courtesy of The Potlatch Fund.