A focus group gathered in Atana village to discuss feedback and inputs on the radio drama script that IWTC helped put together.


Grantee name: The International Women's Tribune Centre (IWTC)

Mission: The International Women's Tribune Centre (IWTC) supports “the participation of women from the Global South in re-defining and realizing development processes that are just, equitable, peaceful and inclusive of all peoples.”

IWTC uses information, education and communication as its primary tools to leverage change and works with partner organizations to move global policies from the international to the national and local levels. It also ensures that critical issues identified at the local and national levels are voiced and made visible in the global arena.  IWTC brings to this work its recognized ability to translate policy into popular and user-friendly materials and its work with national, regional and international information and media networks to ensure rapid transmission of information to the broadest possible audience.  Skill-building and advocacy tools, coalitions and campaigns, information resources and strategic interventions are key ingredients of IWTC’s work to link local action to global policy issues and advocacy.

IWTC is currently engaged in on-the-ground activities with partner organizations in selected conflict and post-conflict countries in Africa and Asia including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, the Philippines and Timor Leste. It also collaborates with local media and national and community-based organizations in Angola, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa in raising awareness of and promoting national accountability to Resolution 1325 and the more recently adopted Security Resolution 1820 on sexual violence in conflict-affected areas.


Location: New York, NY, USA

Website: www.iwtc.org

Initial recordings of IWTC’s radio drama at Radio Apac in Northern Uganda.

Channel Grant: Channel made a grant to the International Women’s Tribune Centre for the purposes of supporting the training of women’s organizations in Northern Uganda to create and complete a radio drama series about Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820 and how they can be used to address sexual violence and help build peace in the region.  Channel support helped IWTC to complete the production of the 12-part radio series in English and Luo and to provide additional skill building support to participating women’s organizations to help build their capacity in using the media for advocacy and for promoting accountability and action. (2008)


If you would like to listen to Episode One
of "Women Talk Peace: The Open Cage",
A Radio Drama on UN Security Council 132,
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